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Final (Death) Dates

Avalon Monuments offers sandblasting and etching of final (death) dates to existing headstones and memorials. We normally provide this service within a thirty mile radius for a flat rate; however, based on your needs we can add final dates on a distance-based pricing schedule.

Before cleaning and final date After cleaning and final date

Example of before and after existing headstone cleaning and etching a final (death) date

Cleaning and Restoration

We provide the finest quality services to clean, reset and restore weatherworn, cracked and dated headstones and monuments. Avalon Monuments treats cleaning and resetting headstones with great care to return your family member’s resting place to looking like new.

Working to clean and reset headstone

Digging around the base to secure a headstone cleaning and reset

Other Sandblasting and Lettering

In addition to the application of final death dates to monuments and headstones, Avalon Monuments is available to etch specialized remarks, quotations, bible verses and other phrases on existing stones. Below is an example of an application of a specialized phrase at the foot of an existing Teddy Bear headstone:

Sandblasted phrase at the foot of an existing stone

Specialized phrases can be applied to existing headstones and monuments after they are mounted.